Monday, January 11

Moogly CAL, blocks 11, 12

Ok, I am far-far behind the schedule, poor me. I just hope that I will finish this product as soon as possible. But it doesn't go smoothly and quickly. 
For today I have 3 more blocks and I need 12 more blocks to finish this blanket, hopefully.

Я очень-очень сильно отстала графика (точнее народ начал вязать уже новый проект). Я надеюсь, я все же закончу вязать этот плед как можно скорее.

Friday, January 8

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends and visitors of my blog! 

I wish all your dreams (no matter big or small) come true this year! 

От всей души поздравляю всех с Новым Годом! Пусть все Ваши обязательно исполнятся в этом году!

Monday, September 21

Tusal September

This month my ORT bag is full of some ends from sewing hook organizer and I did few more squares for my Moogly CAL

  I decorated my organizer with seed beads, just couldn't resist doing it :) 
And here is my pile of granny squares, I have 10 of them so far.

Saturday, September 19

Crochet necklace

I started over this necklace several times, it didn't want to like nice. But finally I got what I wanted. I used clear seed beads and variegated I bought for cross stitching few years ago and now look at this beautiful frosting effect. I like it very much and probably will repeat it green and blue colors.

Thursday, September 17

Moogly CAL, blocks 8,9,10

Now I'm far far behind with my blocks for Moogly CAL, I've made only 3 during last 3 months, but hopefully I'll catch up as soon as possible.  However my pile of blocks is growing.

 На этот раз я сильно отстаю от графика и за последние 3 месяца связала всего три квадрата. Надеюсь, что догоню в ближайшее время, тем неменеее, моя кучка квадратиков потихоньку растет.

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